What is MPLS And How Does It Work In A Corporate Environment

MPLS stands for Multi-protocol label switching and is used as a network management protocol. Most corporations have employees who work remotely and VPN into their network. MPLS allows a secure and private connection for the employee to retrieve the company’s workflow without compromising network security. MPLS technology foregoes the need for multiple firewalls as the firm’s traffic is routed within its secure virtual private network (VPN). This allows a router to be used instead of installing firewalls at each location. Multiple firewalls increases the likelihood of numerous avenues of attack to one’s network.What is MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching

Major corporations are looking for ways to cut cost all the time. A MPLS network allows the creation of new VPNs without installing new hardware which in turn saves the company’s revenue for other areas of disbursement. A MPLS network does not replace an IP rather it sets policies to the IP so traffic can be sorted and governed to the rules that are set in place. 

What is a MPLS network going to do to one’s current infrastructure? In terms of security allowing employees to VPN creates a much great potential for security threats. An MPLS network will circumvent and provide greater security. With only one gateway into the MPLS network there is only one point of compromise. This allows traffic of both directions to be easily managed and can be monitored much more effectively.

Procuring a MPLS provider who can provide individualized solutions based on the company’s infrastructure and size of the firm is the expert who can handle a wide variety of options. For example a mid-sized company might have a tighter budget that only allows a managed hosted model. This has two immediate advantages, the first being a reduction in overall costs. The business can still benefit from the technologies without ownership as well as hiring staff to maintain its functions.  Secondly, dealing with one vendor and building a higher level of service as well as cutting the costs of an IT related expenditure.

A great MPLS provider can provide the greatest support but one does have to keep in mind that with a MPLS network it does require a carrier. These two firms will perform in conjunction and will reap the rewards that come with a joint venture. Some companies may view this as a drawback but major corporations use this method all the time and have worked out very well. A MPLS provider will design, implement and deploy various applications and services that are specially formulated for each client. Ownership of a  MPLS network can give the firm total control and also the flexibility to manage with internal staffing along with service providers. Major corporations normally take advantage of these types of opportunities as they are readily staffed with talented employees who can engage in the support of these networks. Many have years and years of extensive background so they know the in’s and out’s of the network and know exactly what each and every one of these networks can provide for the firm’s stability.

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